Chap 3: Approximation & Estimation (TASK) Knowing Singapore

As the Ambassador of Singapore, the class is going to create "At-A-Glance" Fact Sheets for visitors to our Country.
This is an individual task.

You are going to create a 'FACT SHEET' for one of the following:
Instructions to complete the task:
  1. Click at the hyperlink (above) related to the topic that you have been assigned to.
  2. Identify at least 4 pieces of quantitative information, amongst them 2 must be exact while 2 are estimated figures.
  3. Organise the information in the keynote slide.
  4. Include relevant images to bring out the 'flavour' of the topic that you are assigned to.
  5. Save the slide as an image: FILE > EXPORT > select IMAGES > Next... to save on the desktop.
  6. Submit your image as a post in the Class Maths Blog (as a co-author)
  7. Title of the Post: TOPIC (by Your Name)
  8. Remember to cite the website which you make reference to.

To be submitted in by the end of the day 2359h.

There is an example:

Key information in the FACT SHEET
  • 42% of women and 55% of men are approximated figures
  • 11 million is an approximated figure
  • 20 sports & recreation centres is an exact figure
  • 24 swimming complexes is an exact figure