12 February 2010: Maths Homework

(a) ACELearning Portal
Attempt the Quizzes

Quiz 01 to Quiz 05 are to prepare you for the "Chapter 1" component in the Test in Week 8.

1. Attempt the questions on foolscap papers, with proper working.

2. Enter your answer into the ACELearning system so that it will be marked electronically.

3. If your answer is incorrect, check through the working on the foolscap paper. You may make changes to the working/answer.

4. Hand in the foolscap paper on Monday 22 February for checking.

Note: Do not attempt Quiz 8 yet.

(b) Performance Task

Deadline: Next Friday 19 February 2010, 2359h.
For more information, refer to the Maths Googlesite that you login via email.sst.edu.sg

Last but not least, wishing all a wonderful lunar new year :D

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