Challenging Puzzle: Tower of Hanoi

Legend says...
  • A group of monks were the keepers of three towers on which sit 64 golden rings.
  • Originally all 64 rings were stacked on one tower with each ring smaller than the one beneath.
  • The monks were to move the rings from this first tower to the third tower one at a time but never moving a larger ring on top of a smaller one.
  • Once the 64 rings have all been moved, the world will come to an end.
Click HERE ( to attempt the Challenge.
How many steps do you take to transfer 3 discs to the rightmost peg?
You may increase the number of discs to increase the degree of difficulty.
Is there any observable pattern in the number of 'minimum' moves as the number of discs increases?

Now, try solving the 3-colour Tower of Hanoi
Read the instructions in the website.