Mathematics and Monopoly

Monopoly (the Game) and Probability
(based on LEAP programme: mathematics @ Science Centre Maths workshop)

Stage 1: Monopoly the Game - preview (please click here)

The game of Monopoly and its Rules
'Monopoly rules can sometimes be the subject of a little bit of debate, because a lot of people play with variant rules, like putting $500 and all taxes in the middle, and then awarding that money to anyone who lands on Free Parking. But that's not part of the official Monopoly rules; that's just a house rule that folks use sometime. And there's nothing wrong with that. But here's the scoop on the official Monopoly game rules.'

Stage 2: Probability (the Maths behind the Game)
Define the following terms used in Probability and complete the 5 Questions Quiz at the end of the topic.
  1. Experiment
  2. Outcome
  3. Event
  4. P(A)
refer to Mrs Glosser's site for information

Stage 3: How Fair Is Monopoly ? (please click here)
article by Ian Steward

Your Task
Read the above article and based on your experience in playing Monopoly, state whether it is a fair game. Provide evidence based on the probability concept to support your statement.

for more article on Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly (please click here)

1-09 laying a game of Monopoly @ Science Centre Maths workshop during the 2010 LEAP: Mathematics

1-06 in action optimising winning strategies

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