Mathematics Practice (compulsory)

Dear all,
As Mr Chua has rightly pointed out, learning should be an on-going process and should not be just for the sake of tests or examination. One of SST's goals is to develop 'life-long learners' hence it is imperative to begin with the right mindset and attitude. I have identified the following questions from the chapters covered in Term 2 for compulsory practice.

Please detached the questions or copy the questions from the workbook for easy personal reference later on. Complete working to be shown and please use foolscap papers.

Discovering Mathematics workbook
Chapter 4: Introduction to Algebra
Basic Practice:
Q2, Q4
Further Practice
Q12, Q13, Q19
Challenging Practice
Q23, Q24

Chapter 16: Data Handling
Basic Practice
Q2, Q6, Q7
Further Practice
Q13, Q16, Q17, Q20
Challenging Practice
Q22, Q24

Will be covering this soon but you may try first
Chapter 5: Algebraic Manipulation
Basic Practice
Q1, Q2, Q4

All the best - feel free to ask me for any clarification.