Chapter 6: Algebra - Viva Voce

Chap 6 Algebra: Individual or Pair work Viva Voce
Posted by Nur Johari

Task 1: Algebraic Expansion - Self Revision (10 mins)
source: GCSE Bite-Maths and Maths notes
Individually do a quick revision on algebraic expansion / simplification. The focus is on the step-by-step process in arriving at the eventual answer.
Note: You may refer to
the link GCSE Bitesize:rearranging symbols or GCSE Bitesize: solving equations or the Maths notes.

2: Peer Evaluation (10 mins)
source: courtesy of S1-01

The following links show the work done by your friends on the topic algebraic expansion. They have created and posted a short videoclip to explain clearly how the following expression could be expanded.

(A1) 4m(7 + 3n)
(A2) 10 (6m² + 0.5m + 4)
(A3) (m + 2)(m + 5)
(A4) (3m + 2n)²
Individually select any ONE of the presentation, watch it and provide constructive criticism (to be uploaded as your personal comment). The constructive criticism could include the following:
.1 state how the explanation could be improved (eg. better video or audio presentation)
.2 state clarity of Mathematical concept (eg. the expansion is clearly shown)
.3 suggestions for improvement (eg. mathematical models could be used instead)
.4 include your name and class (this is about responsible citizenship)

Please choose any of the following students' work for your task: (click on their names for the link to their work)

3: Individual / Pair Work (Algebraic Equation) (25 mins)
Individual or pair work. Create a short videoclip to explain clearly how you would solve ONE of the following equations.

Each clip should not be longer than 1 minute.
Make sure your voice is clearly and distinctly captured.
You may use PhotoBooth or QuickTime to complete the task - keeping in mind that the file size of the video clip should be as small as possible.
Email your clip to Mr Johari at and he will then review and upload your clip in the Maths blog. [you should complete the mathematical problem with step-by-step working and script during the given time]
Remember to state the question as well as your name as your title of the post.

Reference (optional)
Sample video:

Teng Zheng Jie

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