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This is a review and continuation of previous lesson on Linear Equation - Graphical method

Task 2 (just a quick review needed!)
Refer to the link on
Graph (by GCSE Bitesize) to learn by graphical representation and plotting.
What we were discussing about in previous lesson.
  1. what is a Cartesian Plane?
  2. what is ordinate? abscissa? what is the significance of (x,y)
  3. give an example of a practical use of coordinate system (provide links to examples)
  4. a student was posed with the following problem 'A man Jim has twice the amount of money than his friend Lemin - present the above information as an equation in x and y and show a graphical representation of this equation'. show graphically how much will Lemin has if Jim has $4000.
Task 3

In the following task, you are required to u
se Geogebra.

You are provided with the graph of y against x.
A linear graph has been plotted with the equation unknown.
Please comment on the following:
(1) the shape of the graph
(2) the possible equation of this linear graph (other than y=2x)

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