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In this lesson you’ll learn the Properties of different types of Quadrilaterals. You’ll explore it starting from earlier learning about polygons. The quadrilaterals always have 4 sides and in broad framework there are seven types of quadrilaterals that may be divided into two major groups i.e. parallelograms and other quadrilaterals. Also the interior angles of a quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees. The properties and related details will be explained in the contents presented by the instructor in own handwriting, using video and with the help of several examples with solution.
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Task 1:
According to your assigned group post the properties of the Quadrilateral assigned to you. The group will decide on the mode of presentation however you must follow the following:
  • clear and succinct
  • relevant
  • easy to understand
If you use a video, please also include a simple summary.

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