Question 1, 2 and 4 (Abilash)

Question 1

The statement is true . A square has 4 equal sides and facing sides are parallel. A rhombus has one pair of parallel sides only. The other facing pair are unequal and not parallel.All the sides of a square are 90degrees but a rhombus' sides are not 90degrees .

Question 2

D is the correct answer as both square and parallelogram make up  quadrilaterals because they both have four sides and the angles are different .

Question 4

I do not agree with the statement which has been stated . Parallelograms' sides are parallel while for a square , the sides are equal . 


  1. Great work Abilash
    Question 1: you have spelt out the properties of both square n rhombus. Just need to state if you can call a square as a rhombus or a rhombus can be called a square?