Question 1, 4 and 5 by Yi Lin

Question 1:
A square is a rhombus because it meets the requirements: All sides are of equal length and there are 2 pairs of parallel lines. Rhombus is not a square because it does not meet the following requirement: All angels meet at 90°.

Question 4:
It is not necessarily that all parallelogram are squares, as some of the parallelogram does not meet at 90°.

Question 5:
BFDE must be a parallelogram because BE and FD are parallel to each other and also equal in length. BF and ED are also parallel to each other and equal in length. Therefore, BFDE is a parallelogram.

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  1. Hi Yi Lin,
    When you said that not all angles meet at 90degrees which angles are you referring to? The vertex or the diagonals?

    Comment #12