Question 2,3,4 by Idris

Question 2
Ans: D
Explanation: A) Both square and a parallelogram are four-sided figures. So both are quadrilaterals.
B) In both shapes, the pair of opposite angles that are supplementary. So both are parallel.
C) If a line is drawn perpendicular to 'a', it is also perpendicular to 'b'. (Image Source:

Question 3
Ans: It is a Trapezoid.
Explanation: It cannot be a square, rectangle or a parallelogram as one of the pair of the lines are not equal. Moreover,  the pair of opposite angles that are supplementary. So it is more likely to be a Trapezoid.

Question 4
Ans: No
Explanation: All parallelograms are not squares as squares must have four right-angles and four equal sides.


  1. Great Job Idris, very good explanations. I agree with your answers. Excellent Work!


  2. I understand your answers as they are short and easy to understand. Well done!

    Zhi Yong