Questions 1,2 and 4 Cheng Hao En YNWA

Question one:
Squares. They have two pairs of parallel lines. Always. Four right angles, and equal length for their four lines. Tilt them to one side and they'll be a rhombus. For a rhombus it need not fill in the category for right angles always, so they may not be a square. Does the above picture look like a square to you? Nah.

Question two:
All of the above! Lionel's answer is wrong!
a) Squares and parallelogram has four sides each, not one more, and not one less.
b)Squares and parallelograms have two parallel lines each, that's for sure.
c)A trapezoid has only pair of parallel lines.

Question four:
Parallelograms DO NOT have right angles! What's that? Means no, they ARE NOT squares!

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