Geometry 1

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the definition of points, segment, ray and plane
A. Task (odd numbered index only)
working independently and referring to the wall-wisher ACTIVITY 1 summarise the a) attributes & characteristics and b) the symbol/notation used for
1. point
2. lines
3. segment
4. ray
5. plane
use a Concept Map tool to summarise and submit to the blog.
the fundamental angle properties.
B. Task (even numbered index only)
working independently and using the wall-wisher ACTIVITY 2 review and summarise the following angle properties that was completed by your friends from other classes using a suitable concept map tool and post it to your class blog:
1. complementary angle
2. supplementary angle
3. angles at a point
4. vertically opposite angles
5. corresponding angles
6. internal angles
REVIEW: The following video shows the differences between a right, acute, obtuse and straight angle.

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  1. Thank you Carisa, Jurvis, Lincoln, Teoh Yun, Pei Shan, Abilash, Jaime, Su En and Jia Sheng, for your prompt submission. Appreciate it.

    Mr Johari