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Viva Voce
Linear Equation / Expression

You are required to complete a viva voce assessment. This is a reinforcement of familiar activity based on topics covered in class. This will also helped you with your revision process. You should not take more than 1 hour to complete the entire exercise.

The instruction, questions and assessment rubric can be downloaded from your class Maths googlesite under VIVA 2010.
Your task is to select any 3 questions, one from each category (1, 2 and 3) and record your explanation.
Your explanation must be concise, relevant and clear.
You may use any suitable multimedia platforms for this. Ensure that the file is not too large for uploading or posting.

Grading will be based on
Part 1: Problem Solving Skills and Strategies
Part 2: Concept and Mathematical Communication

Submission and Deadline
Please post your videos in your Class Maths Blogs ( ) using the header VIVA name category question eg. VIVAJohariCategory1Question1 by 10 October 2010

All the best - its the mathematical precision that we are looking for ...

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