Viva Voce - Christopher Nah

Dear Mr Johari and friends,
Sorry, I have been trying to upload for the past 3 hours or so. (The file exceeded limit)

Heres the completed video. Enjoy!

Thank you for viewing my video!

- Christopher Nah

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  1. Dear Mr Johari,
    Sorry for the late submission, I have been trying to solve the questions. I had difficulties and did the task for more than 4 hours. I finally managed to solve some questions...

    I am very sorry and apologetic for not contacting you first via email when I experience problems but struggle for the weekend trying to solve the questions. I have learned that I should refer to you first before trying to contact my friends asking for your number.

    If it is unfair to my schoolmates, and I have to deduct 10% off my maths overall, I got no choice but to learn from my mistakes. I will try hard to mug up for my maths! Thank you Mr Johari!

    - Christopher Nah